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European Outdoor Conservation Association

Our Vision: The outdoor sector and the millions of people who enjoy the great outdoors are active champions for the conservation of nature and wild places*

* EOCA defines 'wild places' as non-urban environments and ecosystems occurring in as natural a state as possible, given the area's location and use.  This may include for example moorland, hills, mountains, coasts, rivers, forest, grassland, peatland, lake and ocean areas.

More companies, bigger impact
More companies, bigger impact

There are currently over 150 members of this 'not-for profit' Association, stretching from Norway to Spain and from the UK across to the Czech Republic. As a charitable organisation directly funding specific projects, the association wants to show that the European outdoor industry is committed to putting something back into the environment, and all working together a real difference can be made.

Conservation bodies which are nominated by Association members can apply for grants of up to €30,000 for specific projects - not an insignificant amount as far as conservation projects go. The projects chosen are as wide ranging as the members, with projects extending across many areas of the globe, for example, thus far projects have included the establishment of an environmental trail in Nepal, clean-up operations on a mountain peak in Kyrgyzstan, the protection of brown bears in northern Spain, replanting of native ‘virgin’ forest in the Czech Republic, creation of a trans-boundary hiking trail in Macedonia and Albania, protection of marsh fritillaries in Ireland and the saving of an ancient forest in Sweden from logging.

View above the clouds
View above the clouds

Membership is open to any company operating within the outdoor industry, whether they are a manufacturer, supplier, service provider or retailer etc. One hundred per cent of membership fees go directly into the projects that are nominated by and voted for by the members themselves.

As awareness of climate change and the damage man is doing to the environment grows, the importance of the work that the European Outdoor Conservation Association does increases. The more companies that get involved, the bigger the impact will be and the more difference the industry can make to the great outdoors that it depends on.

If you are an individual who loves the great outdoors and would like to support our projects, please click the donate button below.
I am delighted to have the opportunity to support and promote an organisation which makes a real difference in supporting conservation in the great outdoor environments.
Es Tresidder, EOCA Ambassador and Mountain Equipment Sponsored Athlete