Antje Fehling

Team Role: EOCA Vice President. Head of Brand Services at bluesign Technologies

How did you become involved with EOCA: I have been involved in the work of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) since 2018. Initially as an active member of the Steering Committee from the brand side, to now representing via bluesign Technologies. At the start of 2023, the current EOCA president, Julian Lings, asked me to join the EOCA board, a role that I, of course, gladly accepted.

Number of years in the outdoor industry: My career within the outdoor industry started in 2009, a formative year in which I started to develop highly technical materials for a Norwegian sailing, sports and lifestyle brand. From there, my journey developed steadily in the direction of corporate sustainability.

What else do you promote to support conservation: I support various organisations on a private level, through donations and voluntary work.

Favourite wild place: Although I am currently living within the Swiss mountains, some of my favourite wild places are ocean locations.  These include: St. Peter Ording (German North Atlantic Coast); Tofino (Canadian West Coast); Vejers Beach (Danish North Atlantic Coast); parts of the river Elbe that flows through my home town of Hamburg.

Favourite outdoor activity: It’s really important to me to be outside, either strolling along the beach or hiking the mountains near where I live. One of the great things for someone like myself that grew up near the coast, but now lives close to the mountains – I can do both!  Climbing a mountain, but also hiking for hours on the flat.

Perfect day: Well, a day at any one of the above mentioned favourite places!