Sharon Bianchi

Team Role: Marketing and Communications

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Number of years in the outdoor industry: Off and on from about 2006, working for a mix of outdoor companies and those with a strong link and focus on outdoor activities.  My background is in marketing and I’ve been really lucky to have worked in some great places that involve a lot of my personal outdoor interests. I’ve only recently recently joined EOCA in May 2020, but I’m really loving being part of such a great team and organisation.

Favourite wild place: Not sure if I could narrow it down to one place. I’ve grown up in the Lake District so have a lot of favourite places there, but Scotland, Switzerland and Italy aren’t too far behind on my favourites list.  As long as there is a mountain or fells involved, with a night in a tent, then I’m happy!

Favourite outdoor activity: I usually switch between a few favourites depending on the weather and where I’m heading. Camping is probably at the top of my favourite things to do list! Running regularly features, as does cycling, athough that can change between road bike, cross or mountain. Skiing / ski touring is another favourite, especially if the snow arrives in the Lakes, there’s some great places to explore! A good walk on the fells, or up a mountain, is something I’ve been doing a bit more of recently (you can take longer to look at the views than when you’re running). Climbing and Via Ferrata are often squeezed in on holidays.

Perfect day: It wouldn’t matter what activity I was doing, as long as I was in the hills with views of even more hills and mountains for miles around. The day would end with a night in a tent, that would be perfect! A big slice of cake to round the day off would be good too.