Current Projects

Reforestation and ecotourism to protect biodiversity, Brazil

Preserve Muriqui manages the 957-hectare Private Natural Heritage Reserve Feliciano Miguel Abdala (RPPN FMA), supporting and generating jobs, encouraging connection with nature through […]

Treasure Island: Saving Bangkaru’s Endangered Species, Indonesia

Bangkaru Island lies 75km west of Sumatra. Part of the Pulau Banyak conservation area, it is uninhabited, maintaining 100% primary rainforest. It is […]

Attractive landscape – for people, for nature, Czech Republic

This project is creating new biodiversity-rich wildernesses in places which have been used, damaged and abandoned by humans, but now attract them as […]

Sustainable Trails in Cochamó Valley, Chilean Patagonia

With 1000-metre granite walls, crystal-clear waters, and thousand-year old Alerce trees, Cochamó is known as “the Yosemite of South America.” However, unlike Yosemite, […]

Clean up action for vulnerable natural habitats, Ukraine

Szatmár-Bereg plain, belonging to the Pannonian Lowland, near the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains contains species-rich hardwood groves dependent on regular flooding. The […]

Preserving the Headwaters Forest in Córdoba, Argentina

The Tabaquillos forests are vitally important for the health of the natural water system of the Córdoba province and central Argentina. The ecosystem […]

Rescuing the Yorkshire Dales’ iconic wildflower meadows, UK

Wildflower meadows are one of the UK’s rarest and most threatened habitats, with over 97% lost since the 1930s. Nearly 1,400 insect species […]

Conservation of Ringed Seals, Lake Saimaa, Finland

The Saimaa ringed seal is a sub species of the ringed seal and was isolated from the Baltic Sea in Lake Saimaa, Finland […]

A movement towards plastic free peaks

Patron’s main goal is the restoration of wild spaces by actively reducing the plastic pollution that is endangering them, and the species that live […]