Jon Nash

Team Role: EOCA Treasurer. Director of Business Administration/Sustainability Director at Nikwax LTD

How did you become involved with EOCA: I have been involved with Nikwax’s commitment for sustainability for more than 15 years in various ways, and in 2022 took over the role of Director of Sustainability. This led to an invitation to represent Nikwax with EOCA for which I was very excited to accept and be part of the exceptional work which EOCA undertakes.

Number of years in the outdoor industry:  18 years.

What else do you promote to support conservation: Minimise travel for holiday, enjoying what the UK has to offer! Gardening with an emphasis on bee and insect friendly pollinators, and growing veg to eat. Purchase renewable energy at home and drive an EV charged from this.

Favourite wild place: Worbarrow Bay, Dorset.

Favourite outdoor activity: Walking, hiking and camping.

Perfect day: Family day out in the countryside.