Cat Barker

Team Role: Conservation Project Coordinator

Email Address:

Number of years in the outdoor industry: I joined EOCA in 2017, from a background in Ecology: having graduated from Edinburgh University with honours in Wildlife and Fisheries Management, and subsequently undertaking an MRes in Ecology at York University.

Prior to EOCA I worked for a number of years with Natural England’s wildlife management team. I have also previously volunteered with conservation projects in Central America.

Ever since I was a wee girl – seeing news items about the logging of the Amazon – I have wanted to work in conservation. Unfortunately the news reels have not changed much in the decades that have since past, but I am lucky to be part of an organisation trying to turn this destructive tide.

Favourite wild place: For me nothing quite beats a stunning view – especially after the achievement of cycling or hiking to get there! It always makes me feel very lucky to be able to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

Favourite outdoor activity: Cycling or hiking, though I have also dabbled in snowboarding, outdoor swimming and scuba diving. I must admit to preferring warmer climes for some outdoor activities these days – an affliction that seems to have affected me more with age!

Perfect day: Relaxing anywhere with family and friends, or cycling or hiking to a perfect viewpoint!