EOCA, with the support of its members from the outdoor industry, provides funding for much needed grassroots conservation, protection and regeneration projects around the world (except in North America where The Conservation Alliance does similar work).

Since 2006, when EOCA was set up, it has funded over 180 projects, investing €5m in conservation in 65 countries.

The projects EOCA has funded are varied in location and conservation focus.  They have included establishing biking routes to enhance protection of landscapes through ecotourism in Romania and South Africa; cleaning plastic pollution from environments with paddle boarders, hikers, surfers and skiers; restoring, replanting and protecting forests in Scotland, Sweden, France, Indonesia, Spain; and conserving the habitats of bears in Italy and Spain, red squirrels in the UK, orangutans in Borneo and elephants in Thailand…..

The list goes on!  It may only be a relatively small contribution to the conservation of nature, but every time a new member joins EOCA or a new project receives funding, the effects are multiplied.

EOCA, its members, and the organisations they support, are helping to make a hands-on nature positive impact.

Current Projects

Reforestation and ecotourism to protect biodiversity, Brazil

Preserve Muriqui manages the 957-hectare Private Natural Heritage Reserve Feliciano Miguel Abdala (RPPN FMA), supporting and generating jobs, encouraging connection with nature through […]

Treasure Island: Saving Bangkaru’s Endangered Species, Indonesia

Bangkaru Island lies 75km west of Sumatra. Part of the Pulau Banyak conservation area, it is uninhabited, maintaining 100% primary rainforest. It is […]

Attractive landscape – for people, for nature, Czech Republic

This project is creating new biodiversity-rich wildernesses in places which have been used, damaged and abandoned by humans, but now attract them as […]

Sustainable Trails in Cochamó Valley, Chilean Patagonia

With 1000-metre granite walls, crystal-clear waters, and thousand-year old Alerce trees, Cochamó is known as “the Yosemite of South America.” However, unlike Yosemite, […]

Clean up action for vulnerable natural habitats, Ukraine

Szatmár-Bereg plain, belonging to the Pannonian Lowland, near the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains contains species-rich hardwood groves dependent on regular flooding. The […]

Preserving the Headwaters Forest in Córdoba, Argentina

The Tabaquillos forests are vitally important for the health of the natural water system of the Córdoba province and central Argentina. The ecosystem […]

Rescuing the Yorkshire Dales’ iconic wildflower meadows, UK

Wildflower meadows are one of the UK’s rarest and most threatened habitats, with over 97% lost since the 1930s. Nearly 1,400 insect species […]

Conservation of Ringed Seals, Lake Saimaa, Finland

The Saimaa ringed seal is a sub species of the ringed seal and was isolated from the Baltic Sea in Lake Saimaa, Finland […]

A movement towards plastic free peaks

Patron’s main goal is the restoration of wild spaces by actively reducing the plastic pollution that is endangering them, and the species that live […]