Arne Strate

Team Role: EOCA Board Member and General Secretary of the European Outdoor Group

How did you become involved with EOCA:
Through my work with the EOG, first and foremost. When I started working for the EOG, I got to know EOCA and its outstanding work better.  It was really impressive to see the outdoor sector coming together to make sure the great outdoors is kept intact and are restored for us and our children to enjoy.

Also, not forgetting that, without these wild places, there would be no outdoor industry in the first place.

Number of years in the outdoor industry:
Before my time at the EOG, I worked in surf and snowsports since the end of the nineties, which I consider all part of outdoor, by the way. So over 20 years.

What else do you promote to support conservation:
After setting up the organisation in 2017, I still continue to work with the It’s Great Out There Coalition INPA in my free time. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to act responsibly when outdoors and respect these wild places as the fragile habitats that they are. Yes, we should share the outdoor experience with everyone – it has so much to give us – but in a responsible way.
“Take only pictures, leave only footprints”.

Favourite wild place:
I have to say that must be the Lake District, UK and the Alps and of course British Columbia/ Canada where I lived in the early ’00 years.

Favourite outdoor activity: Running/hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking.

Perfect day: Winter: Wake up to 2 feet of fresh snow on the mountain on a weekday with no one else around Summer:Wake up in a tent to the sun rising with no network around and full day of outdoor adventures ahead!