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Strengthening Human-Elephant Coexistence, Ghana

Kakum Conservation Area (KCA), covering 375,000ha, remains one of the West Africa’s Upper Guinean Forest biodiversity hotspots. The critically endangered African Forest Elephant […]

Feel Good at Talgud: Practical Nature Conservation, Estonia

In Estonian, ‘Talgud’ describes unpaid, large-scale physical work carried out in groups, which ELF has successfully implemented through its conservation camps with volunteers […]

Community Loggerhead Conservation, Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde

Cape Verde beaches host one of the world’s largest loggerhead turtle nesting populations, and the only one in the eastern Atlantic. The beaches […]

Fell Care Days including Great Cumbrian Litter Picks, UK

Fell Care Days are mass-participation volunteering events which empower communities to actively take part in the conservation of their landscapes through litter picks, […]

The Plasticfree Peaks CleanUP Tour 2022, Germany & Austria

The project’s main goal is the restoration of wild spaces by actively reducing the plastic pollution that is endangering them, and the species […]

Zero Waste Mountain, France

The project aims to reduce waste at its source through cleaning actions and sensitizing events around France (Alps, Pyrenees, Jura). It will equip […]

CleanALP – Protect and clean our mountains 2022-23, Italy

The aim of the project is to safeguard high altitude alpine habitat, one of the last pristine environments in southern Europe, home of […]

Let’s Do It Ourselves (DIO) – Protecting and Enhancing our outdoor playgrounds

The project’s Do It Ourselves (DIO) approach ensures that trail cleans are not just all about the pick-up event, but that they also […]