Project Voting


Twice a year, we receive applications from conservation organisations with projects that urgently need funding for up to €30,000. Following a rigorous selection process, we create a shortlist of projects we would be very happy to fund. Since we can’t fund them all, we ask for YOUR help in choosing projects to receive funding!!

All projects looking for funding address biodiversity loss and the climate emergency, in a wide range of habitats and landscapes.   All of the projects address a threat to a species or a habitat AND have a link to the outdoor enthusiast.

Each voting round, you can get involved by choosing your favourite project in each category. The project which receives the most votes in each category will receive the funding they have requested from EOCA.

Our Spring funding vote is now CLOSED.  All votes have been counted and verified.  The winning projects have been announced on our social media and will be on the projects page of our website very soon.

If you would like to apply to EOCA for funding to support your organisations’ conservation work, the next applications will open between 1st and 30th June, 2024.  Full details of how to apply and funding criteria can be found here.


The projects in this category can include those looking to protect, restore, reforest, and conserve, valuable forest habitats around the world.

Wild Places

A varied selection of projects, looking to protect valuable biodiversity and restore precious habitats in wild places and landscapes around the world.


This category contains those projects looking to conserve threatened fresh water or marine habitats.