Dr Kathy Velander

Team Role: Director of the Centre for Ecotourism and Wildlife Management and the Institute for Science and Health Innovation

What is your area of expertise in the field of conservation? Ecotourism / nature based tourism development particularly related to community involvement and development,
Wildlife guiding, Ecology – survey skills (plants and animals), habitat management.

What are the key issues you are engaged with at the moment? Community based nature tourism development, wildlife guiding, Questionnaire studies of communities and events.

What could people in the outdoors do to protect and minimize their impact on the type of habitats you focus on? Plan their developments based on the requirements of the local people as well as the tourists, ensure they have adequate funding and are aware of the potential social and environmental impacts any development might have rather than thinking tourism is easy money.

How and why did you become involved with EOCA? I was referred by a colleague, am impressed by the work carried out by the organisation and am delighted to be involved.

Favourite wild place: The north coast of Scotland.

Favourite outdoor activity: Walking.

Perfect day: A walk by the sea or a Highland lake on a crisp autumn day.