CleanALP – Protect and clean our mountains, Italy

The European Research Institute (ERI) is a non-profit organisation that works to promote research and experimentation for innovation in scientific and social fields. Its main objective is to improve the environment, economic, and cultural conditions of European citizens and promote respect for the territory and the living being.

The aim of the project is to safeguard high altitude alpine habitat, one of the last pristine environments in southern Europe, home of precious ungulates, carnivores, birds, flowers, and plants, and which are also heavily threatened by climate change. The project will hold 40 events to clean-up over 500km of trails, alpine lakes shores, creeks, grasslands, and screes, involving tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. The very popular public ‘alpine huts’ will also play a key role to build a strategy for a huge reduction of plastic items. In addition, various awareness-raising actions will be carried out, including an education training program involving stakeholders, hiking and alpine guides, park staff, schools, the tourism sector, institutions, and volunteers. Through these combined actions the project aims to directly involve, and influence, 2,000 people, as well as reaching many thousands more though various communication and social media channels.