Strengthening Human-Elephant Coexistence, Ghana

Conservation Alliance International (CA) aims to improve wildlife and habitat management, and create wealthier healthier communities for local people and visitors. Its purpose is to empower communities in Africa to lead in biodiversity conservation and create opportunities for economic growth.

Kakum Conservation Area (KCA), covering 375,000ha, remains one of the West Africa’s Upper Guinean Forest biodiversity hotspots. The critically endangered African Forest Elephant here is vital for habitat regeneration and a major tourist attraction alongside a canopy walkway which enhances the sight-seeing of the elephants. However, ongoing rapid decline in the elephant population is caused by sustained Human-Elephant conflict due to habitat loss through poor agricultural practices and continued expansion of farms into the conservation area. The project will educate 5,000 people in 10 fringe communities about the value of elephants to the KCA ecosystem. Better agricultural practices/anti-crop raiding techniques including creating chilli pepper fences, will be encouraged amongst 500 farmers to reduce Human-Elephant Conflict. 20ha of degraded habitats will be restored by planting 11,000 trees (including 10ha of enrichment planting) improving the ecological health of the landscape and enhancing the experience of tourists. Buffer zones severely impacted by elephants will be planted with native species that are non-target for elephants to improve productive and economic capacity of farms.

The Update

With thanks to EOCA member deuter for their generous contribution to this project following fundraising from Green Friday 2022.