Fell Care Days including Great Cumbrian Litter Picks, UK

Friends of the Lake District aims to: care for the scenic beauty, rich wildlife and historic heritage of our county’s landscapes; ensure Cumbria’s landscapes are passed on to future generations in as good or better condition than they are now; and encourage people to appreciate our special county – everyone has a right to enjoy Cumbria’s magnificent landscapes.

Fell Care Days are mass-participation volunteering events which empower communities to actively take part in the conservation of their landscapes through litter picks, tree planting, rhododendron bashing and much more. They also teach rural heritage skills, such as dry stone walling and hedge-laying to new generations and help keep them alive. This project will hold three events in 2022: “The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick” in spring/summer, a litter pick at Kendal Mountain Festival in November, and a Fell Care Day consisting of multiple activities chosen so as to do as much benefit as possible in the areas most in need at that time.