Community Loggerhead Conservation, Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde

Cabo Verde Natura 2000 defends the environment, the conservation of natural resources and their ecosystems, the promotion of sustainable development and the preservation of the historical and archaeological heritage in the Cape Verde archipelago.

Cape Verde beaches host one of the world’s largest loggerhead turtle nesting populations, and the only one in the eastern Atlantic. The beaches of southeastern Boa Vista, host the highest densities of loggerhead nests, with an estimated 40,000 females visiting, meaning that conservation and protection of these beaches is crucial for this important rookery. The main threats to this population are poaching of nesting adult females, marine debris, low beach productivity and high predation of turtle hatchlings. CV Natura 2000 will run two field camps, combined with strengthening involvement of local communities. 15 local people will be recruited to carry out daily monitoring of beaches for tracks, nests, signs of turtles and hunting, and move some eggs to hatcheries. At least 10 clean ups of 15km of beaches from marine debris, 20 environmental education activities, training of staff and volunteers for monitoring and beach cleaning, development of educational materials and events for the local population will take place.