The Plasticfree Peaks CleanUP Tour 2022, Germany & Austria

Patron’s mission through its initiative Plasticfree Peaks is to take an active role in the protection, restoration, and conservation of wild spaces by actively fighting plastic pollution. Their goal is to inspire action, and to awaken the protective instinct that lives in each of us.

The project’s main goal is the restoration of wild spaces by actively reducing the plastic pollution that is endangering them, and the species that live within them. This will be achieved through 10 clean-up events in the German and Austrian alps during 2022. Each event will be carried out over 3-5 days. The project aims to engage 5,000 participants in the clean-up actions and, together with local initiatives, artists, and sustainable companies, it will activate a broad range of people in each region. With a focus on raising awareness, the project also aims to reduce possible future pollution, uniting individuals, organisations, and companies under one common mission.