Treasure Island: Saving Bangkaru’s Endangered Species, Indonesia

Ecosystem Impact Foundation / Yayasan Ecosystem Impact works to keep the wild landscapes of Bangkaru and Simeulue Islands, Aceh, Indonesia, wild through a sustainability approach where nature, people and business thrive alongside each other.

Bangkaru Island lies 75km west of Sumatra. Part of the Pulau Banyak conservation area, it is uninhabited, maintaining 100% primary rainforest. It is home to the critically endangered Nias Hill Myna and Silvery Pigeon, western Indonesia’s largest green turtle rookery, and an important nesting site for leatherback turtles. Bird conservation in Indonesia is recognised as a global conservation concern, with many species seriously threatened by poaching. Although sea turtles species are legally protected, the economic opportunities of the turtle egg trade and the remoteness of the island meant that before Ecosystem Impact Foundation worked on Bangkaru, 100% of nests were poached. The project will undertake 730 patrols, train 23 new rangers, carry out 48 educational activities, and fund environmental stewardship scholarships for 20 children from the main poaching community. There is little tourism in area, which will be expanded carefully and sensitively, providing 10 eco-tourism adventure trips and 20 wildlife encounter trips.

The Update

With many thanks to EOCA member OSPREY for its generous donation to this project following fundraising during Earth Day 2023.

Many thanks also to EOCA member KEEN for its generous donation to support this project.