Metamorphosis: saving Transylvania’s rare butterflies in a recreational landscape

Fundatia ADEPT Transylvania preserves the natural and cultural diversity of the historic regions of Transylvania and catalyses the development of a viable rural economy based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Transylvania’s grasslands are a haven for European butterflies, including species which have become extinct in western Europe. Sadly, many are now threatened in Romania, due to ploughing, intensive grazing and invasive species. ADEPT will reintroduce 3 butterfly species, all on the IUCN Red List of globally threatened species, into the Târnava Mare area; will restore 45 ha of damp meadow and dry grassland habitats; and will indirectly protect 1,000 ha by working with farmers and improving local incomes. This will create habitat for survival of the reintroduced species, and for protection of many other butterfly species, of which 27 are on the IUCN Red List. The project will also carry out 5 guided school field visits, 2 farmer training events, 2 events for visitors, and maintain 15km of mountain bike trail which passes through the area and is used by thousands of mountain-bikers every year.