Rewilding Yu: Reconnecting People with Nature to Save Tigers, Malaysia

The Wildlife Society of Selangor (WILD) envisions a society that values wild things in wild places. WILD uses the apex predator, Malayan tiger as the flagship species to inspire people to act for conservation of wild nature.

The 4,000 ha Yu River Corridor in the centre of Peninsular Malaysia is a lifeline for endangered wildlife, linking two of the country’s largest forested landscapes (3.5m ha). Poaching and habitat loss are the main threats to the fewer than 150 wild tigers and other wildlife, however the true challenge to biodiversity lies in the disconnect between people and wild nature. The Wildlife Society of Selangor (WILD) Rewilding Yu program aims to protect this corridor through its Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT) programme. Inspiring a collective commitment to nature conservation, this project will increase the patrolling of this area from 4000 ha to 20,000 ha by funding local and indigenous community rangers and CAT Walks, in which volunteers walk forest trails while recording evidence of wildlife and disarming snares and traps. It will also plant 5000 trees and maintain a further 15,000 to assist restoration of 210 ha, plus deliver education and outreach to 30,000 people.