Be wild and rewild the mountains in the Cape Floral Kingdom, South Africa

The objectives of Wild Restoration are nature restoration, including flora and fauna, through alien clearing, active and passive restoration, education and training, information sharing and awareness-raising activities.

The mountains of the Greyton Nature Reserve are within the Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa, a unique ecosystem recognised as a global biodiversity hotspot and UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the greatest threats to this system is invasive species; this project will clear over 50,000 invasive pines (280ha).  This will allow the diverse fynbos ecosystem to restore, helping to protect 98 threatened species in the area, including the Cape Leopard.  This work will also significantly reduce water losses and the risk of hot fires that can destroy the seed bank and scar the soil.  The high-altitude invasive clearing will be carried out with 80 outdoor enthusiast volunteers, using chainsaws, handsaws and poppers, with the areas being reached by hiking, rope work, and helicopters. The “helihacks” involve experienced mountaineers to reach the most inaccessible areas.