Debbie Read

Team Role: EOCA Board member. Head of Corporate Communications and CSR for Equip Outdoor Technologies UK Ltd.

How did you become involved with EOCA: I first became aware of EOCA in 2018 as part of a funded ‘Mend our Mountains’ project to repair pathways and restore valuable peat bogs while working with the Peak District National Park in the UK. Once joining Equip, I have been involved and helped to drive the relationship with EOCA as part of Equip’s commitment to engage with nature-based projects across our core markets.

Number of years in the outdoor industry: Since 2018 I have worked in the outdoor industry, but have been an active supporter of outdoor activities, conservation and charities my whole life.

What else do you promote to support conservation: I have sat as a Trustee in two previous roles, both related to funding restoration, conservation, and supporting, predominantly young people, to access the outdoors. These roles have been focussed on understanding and education around how to support and protect wild places.

Favourite wild place: Scotland – the Western Isles or the Cairngorms.

Favourite outdoor activity: Backcountry mountain biking

Perfect day: A two-sandwich adventure day! With small group of my biking friends – heading down a remote Scottish glen, for an overnight in a mountain bothy, invariably with a hike-a-bike, river crossing, midgies, wet feet, wind, rain, sun, fun, and chat. Followed by a good night’s sleep with full bellies, aching muscles, and satisfied smiles.