Record Breaking ISPO Fundraiser

In a thrilling start to 2018, the fundraiser held on the stand of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) during ISPO last month smashed all previous records for the amount of money raised for conservation.

Traditionally a smaller affair than the amount raised during the summer OutDoor show, ISPO surpassed expectations with an increase of over 50%, bringing the total raised on the stand to €12,314.  Added to this were another 5 events around the show organised and hosted by EOCA members which brought the grand total to €18,677!

Camelbak sold mugs which could then be engraved with designs of the purchaser’s choice and thereafter filled with a warming coffee to fuel the day’s meetings, raising €3,700 in the process!  Klean Kanteen had produced an insulated tumbler for the OutDoor show specifically to raise money for the €2 million Tree Project.  An extra €250 was raised from the remaining tumblers, meaning that a further 625 trees can be added to the current total.  KEEN staged its first sandal and boot sale at ISPO and brisk trade was seen as the footwear company raised money to continue to support a mangrove replanting project in the devastated tsunami hit area of Yadesa Aceh in Indonesia.