Walk the Trail! Bog Protection in Patagonia, Argentina

Banco de Bosques Foundation is non-profit and its purpose is to defend, protect, maintain and develop forests and ecosystems in danger of extinction, whether due to deforestation, clearing or any other reason attributable to man and / or nature, and promote the sustainable management of the natural resources found in them, and the conservation of natural ecosystems.

Refugio Frey (Frey mountain hut), is an iconic spot for trekking and climbing, and the most visited in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, in Argentinean Patagonia, receiving up to 700 visitors per day. This is however impacting on the local habitats which are important for carbon storage and home to several endemic, endangered species. The current trail travels through a high mountain Andean bog plant community, and to the shores of Toncek and Schmoll Lakes. Banco de Bosques Foundation will work with environmental enthusiasts, refugio staff, ecologists and national park employees to reduce the impact on 85 ha of the valuable habitats, by moving sections of the trail away from the bog, adding designated access points to the Toncek shore avoiding trampling sensitive riparian plants. Local materials will be used, erosion and water drainage into Toncek Lake with be reduced and habitat will be restored around the old trail.

With thanks to EOCA member deuter, which raised a sizeable amount to donate to this project via its Green Friday fundraiser in November 2021.

The Update

Learn more about the project, its plans and what it hopes to achieve in this video here.

Image: Andean bog habitat