Volunteering for Healthy Landscapes, Czech Republic

Since 1998 Hnutí DUHA has been organising volunteering weeks to make it possible for volunteers to get directly involved in conservation whilst learning to better understand nature and the environment. Over the course of 23 years, a total of 2,246 volunteers have spent 77,460 hours working voluntarily to support nature and biodiversity, planting more than 200,000 trees and benefitting numerous meadows, forests, peatlands and other precious habitats and ecosystems.

Species decline in the Czech Republic is due to expansion of the cultural landscape, spreading of invasive species and unsustainable agriculture and forestry. Through this project, Hnuti DUHA will continue to offer its volunteer week programme, with funding from EOCA enabling more weeks to take place, ensuring a larger area can be looked after.

14 week-long events will be organised for 160 participants, over the summers of 2021-22. Each week will consist of 6 days in nature. 5 days will see participants involved in planting trees, protecting seedlings, removing invasive plants, and renewing peatlands and wetlands. The 6th day will be a guided excursion. An evening programme of educational activities such as lectures and debates will be provided to increase awareness and understanding of the issues facing the local area as well as the envrironment globally. Each event will take place in a selected location facing a specific threat such as a forest dealing with bark beetle, protected areas where wilderness is endangered or agricultural landscapes facing the loss of biodiversity.

The Update

With thanks to EOCA member CUMULUS, which made a donation early in the life of the project to help get it off the ground!

In addition, many thanks to Nikwax Germany which raised a large donation to help fund this project through its 2021 online Green Friday promotion!

Learn more about the project, its plans and what it hopes to achieve in this video here.


Image: Volunteering. Image credit: Ester Dobiasove