Rewilding our Mountains by clearing them of obsolete infrastructures, France

Mountain Wilderness aims to unite alpinists and mountain lovers throughout the world in the defence of the mountains. Its goal is to preserve the last mountain wilderness areas for the use of present and future mountaineers.

This project aims to dismantle and remove abandoned military, industrial, agricultural and tourist infrastructures in the French mountains as well as raise awareness about the adverse impacts of this debris on fauna, flora, soils and rivers. Mountain Wilderness’ 2024/2025 programme will restore 6 wilderness locations covering 123 hectares, involving 190 people over 10 days of work. It will remove 10 tons of metal which will then be recycled by scrap dealers. Actions will remove: barbed wire and scrap remaining from the Second World War (in the Hautes-Alpes and Savoie regions); electrical towers, masts, power lines (Isère); military helicopter wreckages (Pyrenées-Orientales); hoist and cables lying in streams or around trees (Haute-Savoie); and a winch and wire mesh preventing wildlife from accessing a stream (Jura), all of which disfigure landscapes, pose risks to humans, and threaten birds and other animals that can become trapped, injured or even killed by these structures.