Restoring forests in Vietnam

This project will conserve 630 hectares of natural forest in Van Ho district, Vietnam, home to a diverse range of threatened flora and animals, including the Northern white-cheeked Gibbons.

The forest lacks proper legal protection which is degraded and fragmented by traditional slash-and-burn practices. Van Ho natural forest is managed by the ethnic minority people who are dependent on the forest and keen to protect it but lack the resources. PanNature will implement interactive reforestation activities with local communities and tourists, who are the most common forest visitors. School children will help make and disseminate 45,000 seed balls over 100 hectares of forest, in exchange for books and stationery. Local forest management groups will set up and run the community nursery, which will supply 10,000 seedlings of indigenous tree species for local youth and women to reforest 20 hectares, and 2,000 seedlings for tourists to integrate reforestation in their forest trip. The project will contribute to educate and change local behavior, conserve valuable tree species, maintain the gibbon’s population, ensure local livelihoods – a foundation to create the first legally recognised community forest model in Vietnam.

Watch a short video that gives an overview of the project and its achievements so far.