Rescue the Narcissi Valley; Ukraine

The purpose of the NGO Danube-Carpathian Program is to preserve and sustainably use natural heritage, support democratic processes and introduce innovative visions in nature conservation for the 21st century. It is a team of experts and scientists on ecology, conservation biology, sustainable development of natural ecosystems and natural resources and ecological legislation. They carry out research studies, environmental projects implementation, conservation management activities, environmental impact assessment, public campaigns support, work on improving environmental legislation etc.

The Danube-Carpathian Programme will improve the conservation management of Ramsar Site “Narcissi Valley” which contains the largest Central European lowland population of rare pheasant’s eye narcissus, as well as other plant and animal species in the Red Data Book of Ukraine. The “Narcissi Valley” is a biodiversity hotspot for Ukraine, and its wet meadow habitats are critically endangered in the Black Sea Basin. Drier conditions and a lack of traditional mowing or grazing are resulting in invasive bush and tree growth, regular fires, a decrease the narcissus population (by 70% during last 10 years), and a decrease in the quality of the wetland habitat. The project will restore 100 hectares by raising the groundwater table, restoring the flooding regime, mowing grass after fruiting, removing bushes and trees, reintroducing narcissus population in areas in which it has been lost, supporting fragmented cattle grazing, delivering ecological education and tackling fires.

Image: Narcissi Valley