Protect, Restore, Sustainably Manage Biodiverse Rainforest, Southern Borneo

Borneo’s peatland forests are important for rural communities, biodiversity, and as a globally-significant carbon store, but increasing frequency of wildfires is destroying the forest, damaging human health and causing globally-significant greenhouse gas emissions.

This project, which is part of a larger project by Borneo Nature Foundation, will improve ecosystem co-management by government, NGO and community stakeholders, to restore degraded forest, effect community-led sustainable management of currently unprotected forests and develop peat-friendly livelihoods. It will block 8 drainage channels to reduce fire risk by rewetting the peat, equip and train new fire and habitat patrol units, and create 3 nurseries growing at least 150,000 seedlings each year. This will benefit local people, the forest and the wildlife including orangutans, that live there.

Image credit: Berat Ripoll Capilla/BNF