Protecting Biodiversity in the Odiel Marshes, Spain

With birds as a flag, SEO / Birdlife focuses on conserving biodiversity with the participation and involvement of society.

The Odiel Marshes Biosphere Reserve is situated to the NW of Andalusia, Spain. Threats to the local biodiversity include exotic invasive Beach Evening Primrose that replace the native species, plastic pollution from beachgoers and brought in on the tide, and beachgoers disturbing beach-nesting birds, including the Kentish Plover, the Collared Pratincole and the Little Tern. In collaboration with local entities such as the University of Huelva, and through the establishment of a network of 200 volunteers carrying out 25 workdays a year, SEO will focus on the removal of Beach Evening Primose on 200ha of coastal dunes and sandbanks, removal of trash from the beach, reforestation of scrubland areas with native trees and shrubs, restoration of wetland areas with native halophile species, monitoring and protecting the 4ha of breeding colonies of Kentish plover, Little tern and Collared pratincole, and bird ringing to gather vital information. In addition, an environmental education campaign, focused on the Odiel Marshes will be delivered.

The Update

With many thanks to EOCA member OSPREY for its generous donation to this project following fundraising during Green Friday 2022.