Promoting Wildlife Comeback in Ina river, Poland

The Rewilding Oder Delta association aims to promote nature and landscape conservation.

The 129km River Ina empties into the Odra Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. It was modified for shipping in the 15th Century. After WW2, commercial use ended and wildlife returned to the river, which is now important for salmon, kingfisher, beaver, crane and sea eagle. However, channelisation has left an artificial riverbed morphology. As climate change intensifies, the impacts of this become more obvious, with drought and flood increasingly impacting disconnected floodplain habitats. Through this project, Rewilding Oder Delta will engage local volunteers using low-tech approaches to raise the bed level of the river, reconnecting the river to the floodplain and recreate migratory fish spawning grounds. 1km of river morphology will be restored, rewetting a 50ha floodplain, trees will be planted along 17km of river, cleanups will be undertaken and kayakers and anglers involved on issues of protection for the river.

The Update

Learn more about the project, its plans and what it hopes to achieve in this video, or, read the latest updates about the continuing efforts of the Oder Delta’s rewilding team to restore the Ina River.