Mountain Forests, Catalonia 

The mission of Bergwaldprojekt/ Projecte Boscos de Muntanya is to maintain, care for and protect, forest and cultural landscapes in mountain regions, through forest management operations and education.

Mountain forests such as the Pyrenees have been affected by, relied upon, and enjoyed by man for thousands of years. Species, such as capercaillie depend on these diverse habitats, but their traditional food source of blueberries has reduced due to abandonment by farmers and logging activities. This project will bring areas of forest back into management, benefit the capercaillie, as well as improve access for outdoor users and locals to enjoy the forest through forest track restoration and maintenance. This project will:

  • Enable the outdoor user to get involved in forest conservation during 9 different weeks of voluntary work programmes, involving forest path restoration, forest thinning, habitat restoration, and bio-engineering work to mitigate erosion.

The Update

Through this project, 181 volunteers completed 2.3 kilometres of footpath maintenance, 43,000m2 of forest thinning and habitat restoration, protection of over 9400 young trees from deer damage using wool, as well as bioengineering measures during 9 weeks of work

Image: Catalonia