Fishing Plastic: Magdalena River Clean-Up, Colombia

Fundación Proyecto Primates’ mission is working towards the conservation of primates and their habitats in Colombia and northern South America. Their main goal is to protect primates and the ecosystems they live in through research, education, empowering communities and stakeholders, and through local capacity building.

The middle Magdalena River in the Chocó-Magdalena-Tumbes Biodiversity Hotspot is threatened by a dramatic increase in waste, deforestation and degradation of its wetlands, all of which have had an impact on its endangered species such as the brown spider monkey, the blue-billed curassow, the American crocodile, the American manatee, the tiger catfish and the Magdalena river turtle. The project will focus on the direct cleaning of the main lagoons and beaches along the middle Magdalena river basin by organising nine ‘Fishing Plastic’ events over 30-40km. It will work with fishing villages to improve waste management, and run workshops for schools, as well as carrying out some habitat restoration activities including planting 5,000 trees to benefit local primate species.

Image: Magdalena River