Empowering women through Orangutan Habitat Restoration and Ecotourism, Indonesia.

The project is addressing the critical threat to the Sumatran Orangutan and other species of global conservation importance that are depending on the integrity of the Leuser Ecosystem and the Gunung Leuser National Park within it.

Key threats to these animals and this habitat are community encroachment to sustain livelihood needs, plantation and infrastructure development, illegal logging, and poaching. Through this project, Yaysan Orantutan Sumatera Lestari- Orangutan information Center (YOSL-OIC) will support Sumatran orangutan conservation through the restoration of vital habitat involving a local women’s group to produce ecopolybags for growing seedlings made of banana trunk and conduct tree planting of 20,000 seedlings over 20 hectares. The project will carry out biodiversity surveys on the well-established restoration site to study the impact of the restoration programme on the recovery of native biodiversity. This site has become a hub for learning about ecosystem restoration and also an opportunity for ecotourism development for the local community. Ecotourism training will be provided to local women to ensure standardised home-stay facilities and services.

Watch a short video that gives an overview of the project and its achievements so far.