Clean-Up Tour, Switzerland & Italy, 2024-2025

People from all over the world come to interact with natural mountain environments, either for skiing, mountain-biking, hiking or simply discovering its exceptional panoramas. Where there is human activity, there is littering and this endangers species and habitats. In Switzerland and Italy, this includes fish, birds, ibex, chamois, goats, marmots and various plants and flowers. Litter represents a direct threat to humans as well – plastic in particular breaks down into smaller microplastics and can enter the food chain. Through water, Europe’s mountains are directly connected to the oceans meaning litter in the mountains impacts on more ecosystems than just the mountain itself.  Summit Foundation will organise 90 clean-up events in 2024 and 2025 in Switzerland and Italy, involving approximately 4500 people and resulting in 9.9 tons of rubbish being removed from the mountains.