Bogs: the Best Weapon against Climate Change, UK

Cumbria Wildlife Trust is the only voluntary organization devoted solely to the conservation of wildlife and wild places of Cumbria, UK. Their conservation work has created 43 spectacular nature reserves in the county, supporting valuable habitats.

Peatlands are unique habitats, more commonly known as ‘bogs’. Bogs are the best weapon we have against climate change, locking away carbon for the health of our planet, helping to prevent flooding, and supporting a host of plant and animal species. Foulshaw locks away 5,392 tonnes of CO2 each year. It is a summer home to rare breeding ospreys – until recently extinct in England. It is also an important habitat for red deer, rare dragonflies, and many birds. 350 hectares in size, Foulshaw provides vital links to neighbouring and nearby peatlands, allowing species movement. Cumbria Wildlife Trust will maintain the health of this habitat by removing invasive species over 75ha of the reserve, creating new habitat, maintaining bunds so that the peat holds its water content, thereby protecting existing habitat. The project will also share the importance of this habitat with 15,000 visitors to the site, and 300 school children.

The Update

Learn more about the project, its plans and what it hopes to achieve in this video here.

Image: Foulshaw Boardwalk and interpretation board