Blue Renewable Energy to Restore Coral Reefs, Indonesia

Gili Eco Trust has been replenishing and restoring damaged coral reefs in Gili Matra marine park in Lombok, Indonesia, using different restorative methods for almost 2 decades. Biorocks have shown remarkable success, enhancing coral growth and increasing reef resilience.

This project will use a uniquely designed ocean turbine to use marine currents as a renewable source of energy. A hectare of Biorock will be installed, with coral fragments attached to aid growth, recovery and ultimately replenish fish stocks and biodiversity. An underwater art gallery made from repurposed glass bottles, designed by Canadian artist Ben Von-Wong will be installed in shallower water not only to accomodate further habitat but provide a unique attraction for snorkelers and divers to boost eco-touristic activities and therefore income in the area, to experience marine life renewal in action and take an extraordinary underwater selfie.

Watch a short video that gives an overview of the project and its achievements so far.