Attractive landscape – for people, for nature, Czech Republic

Cmelák’s main mission is to protect and restore the diversity of nature. For 28 years it has been returning life to its diversity, richness and beauty from where it had disappeared due to human activity. The organisation’s objectives are to contribute to the restoration of natural forests and the rescue of endangered native tree species and increase the number of places where endangered species of plants and animals find their home. The organisation involves the public in its activities, especially in practical field work, and inspire other landowners.

This project is creating new biodiversity-rich wildernesses in places which have been used, damaged and abandoned by humans, but now attract them as areas to spend time in nature. The ‘New Forest’, is turning spruce monoculture into natural, wild forest. Some trees are cut down and left to improve soil and for insects. 10,000 native saplings such as firs, maples, beeches, and yew, plus 1,500 rarer species will reforest open spaces. Fencing repairs will protect seedlings from deer. Ceská Ves Wetlands is being created on another abandoned site and is already habitat for many endangered species. 22 new ponds have been created. Funding will create 20 more, plant 1,500 rare wetland species, create trails and build a bird hide. Both sites are havens of nature, showing it can flourish in a previously intensively-used landscapes. Cmelák will negotiate to revitalise other sites, organise public events and work to purchase more land.