A Future For West Toba’s Vulnerable Orangutans, Indonesia.

Around 750 critically endangered Sumatran orangutans live in West Toba, a vulnerable landscape where the remaining rainforests face human pressures on all sides. Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) has made it their mission to keep these special animals thriving in the wild by working in partnership with forest-edge communities. SOS is supporting their frontline partner TaHuKah to co-create a conservation programme with local people in West Toba that safeguards vital forest corridors by equipping communities with the rights and tools to manage their forests sustainably. The project will establish a plant nursery growing up to 50,000 seedlings per year for use in agroforestry and rainforest restoration projects; deliver training for 20 young people to support ecotourism development; provide locals with skills and equipment to carry out a year of monthly patrols and identify and respond to threats to the forest; and construct a canopy bridge over a road to maintain forest connectivity for orangutans.