Project Voting

Twice a year, we receive applications from conservation organisations with projects that they would like us to consider funding. Following a rigorous selection procedure, we create a shortlist of projects we would be happy to fund and ask for YOUR help in choosing three projects to receive funding!!  

We put our shortlisted projects into 3 categories. This time, and in line with our current focus on plastic, all the projects are involved with not only cleaning up plastic which is already harming wildlife and landscapes, but also tackling the issues at source, to stop the plastic getting there in the first place.  This is combined with working on awareness raising and education of local communites and visitors.  The categories this time relate to the type of habitat the plastic waste is affecting. Please get involved by choosing your favourite project in each category!


All of our great shortlisted projects address a threat to a species or a habitat AND have a link to the outdoor enthusiast.  The 3 categories of plastic clean up for our project vote are:

Land: projects tackling plastic waste on land and in mountainous environments

projects focused mainly on river, lake and wetland clean-up

Marine: projects focused mainly on ocean, beach and sea bed clean-up

PLEASE NOTE:  You can vote in each of the categories for your favourite project.  You can however vote only once in each category per electronic device - either on one of our websites OR on the website of one of our magazine partners.

Voting takes place in March and October each year.  To be alerted to the vote starting, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter or sign up to our newsletter via this website.




Projects with leaf and altitude! ....This category contains those projects tackling plastic waste issues located on land and in mountainous areas (Image John Fleetwood)


This category contains those projects looking to resolve plastic waste issues in lake, river and wetland habitats.


In this category, all the projects are looking to clean up coast, ocean and sea bed from single use plastic and other waste, protecting wildlife and habitats. (Image Surfrider)


Voting Partners

If you are an individual who loves the great outdoors and would like to support our projects, please click the donate button below.
The funding is enabling us to repair a damaged section of the iconic Three Peaks long distance footpath and restore an area of internationally important upland habitat. Voting for our project was a simple but highly effective way for our supporters to show how strongly they felt about improving access and protecting the landscape of this wonderful area. Thank you , EOCA!
Don Gamble, Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust