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Gear Tips is an ecosystem designed to connect, educate, and equip outdoor enthusiasts, offering a variety of resources enabling their experiences in nature to be transformative, positive, and sustainable.

At Gear Tips, we believe that outdoor adventures are not just a form of leisure, but an opportunity for personal growth and connection with the natural world.

Our mission is to guide people along the trails of knowledge, providing the skills and information necessary for their outdoor experiences to be transformative and responsible.

Our platform spans from free educational content to a premium subscription model, providing access to a wealth of knowledge about outdoor activities.

With a unique combination of informative videos, blog articles, hands-on workshops, and impactful events, we empower our members with the tools needed to explore the outdoor world with confidence and awareness.

Furthermore, through our carefully selected network of partners, we offer exclusive benefits and training opportunities, ensuring our members are always prepared for their adventures.

At Gear Tips, we believe in promoting a sustainable and positive lifestyle, encouraging deep and enriching connections with nature. Through initiatives like the Empowering Program and the Recycling Program, we are committed to making a difference, not only for our members but also for the environment.

Empowering Your Journey, Guiding Your Adventure – Gear Tips, Where Nature Meets Knowledge.

When did we join EOCA?

Gear Tips joined EOCA in January/2024

Why we are involved with EOCA?

At Gear Tips, our commitment to promoting sustainable outdoor practices goes hand in hand with our passion for adventure. By joining EOCA, we’re taking another step towards our goal of fostering a deeper connection between outdoor enthusiasts and the environment.

EOCA’s mission to protect and conserve wild spaces aligns perfectly with our values. Together, we believe in the importance of preserving natural landscapes for future generations to enjoy. Through our partnership, we aim to support EOCA’s vital conservation projects while also raising awareness among our community about the importance of environmental stewardship.

By working alongside EOCA and its members, we’re not only contributing to tangible conservation efforts but also inspiring others to take action in preserving our planet’s precious outdoor spaces. Together, we can make a real difference and ensure that the wonders of nature remain accessible to all who seek adventure.

What else do we do to support conservation?

In addition to partnering with EOCA, Gear Tips is deeply committed to supporting conservation efforts through various initiatives. One of our notable programs is the Gas Cartridge Recycling Program, which was honored with the Environmental Protection Award by UIAA in 2003.

Recognizing the environmental impact of disposable gas cartridges used in outdoor activities, we’ve implemented a comprehensive recycling program aimed at reducing waste and promoting responsible disposal practices. Through this award-winning program, outdoor enthusiasts can return their used gas cartridges to designated collection points, where they are responsibly recycled or disposed of.

Furthermore, all of our events are CO2 Neutral. We offset emissions by planting trees in the Atlantic Rainforest, contributing to the preservation of this vital ecosystem. By taking these proactive steps, Gear Tips is not only minimizing the environmental footprint of outdoor activities but also actively contributing to the conservation of natural habitats.

Through initiatives like the Gas Cartridge Recycling Program, our CO2 Neutral events, and our partnership with EOCA, Gear Tips is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and empowering our community to become stewards of the outdoors

Our best green product and why?

While Gear Tips doesn’t produce physical products, our platform serves as a powerful catalyst for promoting environmental and social responsibility within the outdoor industry. Through our comprehensive content ecosystem, including articles, videos, workshops, and events, we actively highlight brands and products that prioritize sustainability, social impact, and ethical practices.

Our commitment to raising awareness about environmentally and socially responsible products stems from our belief that every purchase has the power to make a positive difference. By showcasing brands that prioritize sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing processes, and social initiatives, we empower outdoor enthusiasts to make informed choices that align with their values.

From eco-friendly outdoor gear made from recycled materials to brands that support local communities and conservation efforts, we curate content that inspires our audience to make conscious purchasing decisions. By amplifying the stories and values behind these green products, we aim to foster a community of environmentally conscious consumers who are committed to protecting the planet while enjoying outdoor adventures.

Through our dedication to promoting sustainable and socially responsible brands, Gear Tips serves as a trusted resource for individuals seeking to minimize their environmental impact and contribute to positive change within the outdoor industry.

Together, we can create a more sustainable future for outdoor recreation and conservation.