2 Million Breaths of Fresh Air at OutDoor 2018

TARGET REACHED!!!  EOCA Members have successfully planted over 2 million trees in 2 years, benefitting wildlife, local communities, outdoor enthusiasts and leaving a long and lasting legacy!  Celebrating this fundraising for further conservation and the launch of its 100th project are all part of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA)’s plans at OutDoor in Friedrichshafen at the weekend.

Following the launch of the 2 Million Tree Project at OutDoor in 2016, to celebrate having raised and funded €2 Million of conservation projects since its inception in 2006, EOCA is delighted to be able to announce that in under 2 years, the target has not only been reached but surpassed with the planting of 2,081,276 trees.  Projects have included rewilding in Scotland, Spain and Romania, forest restoration in Kenya, Malawi, Borneo, Uganda and India, replanting mangroves in Madagascar and Indonesia, not to mention tree planting that EOCA members such as VF Corporation, Lowa, WL Gore, Marmot, KEEN and Eso Es Konzepte! have been involved in.  You can read more details of the projects HERE.  Added to the tree planting projects that have been carried out since the Association started in 2006, an impressive 2,668,722 trees are now standing that would not otherwise exist.  Considering one mature tree produces enough oxygen for 4 people and a 40 year old tree can sequester one tonne of carbon dioxide per year, that is a huge legacy to have been left by the European outdoor industry – and one that will keep on growing and giving!  NOTE: since announcing this total, EOCA member ENO have confirmed that they have planted over 435,000 trees this year!  This brings our total to 2,516,276!!

Not content with planting a mere 2 million trees, EOCA is also celebrating having now funded over 100 conservation projects around the world since it started in 2006.  The actual figure is 105 projects, spread across 53 different countries around the world from Siberia to Sumatra and Chile to the Czech Republic.  The projects involve issues such as wilderness protection, removal of invasive species, reducing poaching, improving habitats, marine litter, alternative livelihoods and climate change – all benefitting wildlife, local communities and outdoor enthusiasts – and EOCA has now put over €2.4 million into its projects thanks to the support of its members around the industry.