Drop by Drop, Italy

Salviamo l’Orso (Save The Bear) is an association of volunteers that aims to carry out practical actions to save the Marsican brown bear (Ursus arctos marsicanus) from extinction and is becoming a reference point for the public who cares about bear conservation issues.

The Project

The Central Apennines are considered the wild heart of Italy, thanks to their incredible ecosystems and rich biodiversity. One of the threats to this biodiversity is the reduction in water availability caused by worsening summer drought and reduced snow fall. This may have dramatic consequences on animals, both amphibians that rely on water basins for part or their entire life cycle, and for larger animals that need pools to hydrate, lower their body temperature and lactate.

For the Marsican brown bear, Salviamo l’Orso’s target species, the
absence of water sources could force it to restrict its movements to the few areas where the presence of water is guaranteed, limiting its colonisation of new areas, a vital step for the survival of this species. This project will involve volunteers, shepherds and wildlife experts with the aim to improve 20 water basins over 35,455 ha by enhancing the water holding capacity of natural water ponds, fixing existing troughs and protecting the natural ponds that the overflow creates.


With thanks to EOCA member AKU for its donation to this project following the company’s fundraising on Green Friday 2022.

Grateful thanks for a very generous contribution to this project from EOCA member LA SPORTIVA, which also raised money for this project during Green Friday 2022.

And also huge thanks to the team at OSPREY who raised funds for this project through its Green Friday promotion during November 2023!