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KEEN is a values-led, independently owned outdoor footwear brand from Portland, Oregon with a mission to responsibly create original and versatile products, improve lives, and inspire outside adventure. Founded in 2003, KEEN ignited a revolution in the footwear industry with the introduction of the Newport® sandal, launching the concept of Hybrid footwear into the market and setting KEEN on a path of driving consistent product innovation that exists today. KEEN strives to live by its values, from its products to its actions, and by activating communities and individuals to protect and preserve the places where we work and play. KEEN employees passionately endeavor to live fulfilling lives, challenge the status quo, do good, give back, and inspire others. Learn more at:

When did you join EOCA?

KEEN joined EOCA in March 2007.

Why our company is involved with EOCA?

At KEEN we always look for best ways to put our values in motion. We see EOCA as a strategic partner and therefore we committed ourselves to being a sustaining member and decided this year to become a Summit Member. With activities like a yearly Sandal Sale at Outdoor Friedrichshafen and by integrating EOCA in a lot of our events, we actively try to spread the word and inspire other people and brands.

Sponsored Projects

ForestSeeders – Restoring Sierra de Lujar

This reforestation project is based in the Sierra Lujar of Órgiva, in Southern Spain, an area popular with walkers, bikers, climbers and cavers, […]

Expedition 2020: Cleaning up the Wadden Sea

At least 800.000 kilo of cargo and containers from the disaster with the MSC Zoe is still unaccounted for. A lot of the […]

Restoring Mangroves and Livelihoods, Aceh, Indonesia

Following the success of this project in 2017, EOCA member KEEN is funding further mangrove restoration planting in 2018. The project will plant […]

Restoring Mangroves and Livelihoods, Aceh, Indonesia

Through this project, YADESA ACEH aims to address some of these issues by planting 45,000 mangrove seedlings in the Lam Guron area. 80 […]