Wild for Nature: EOCA's Landscape Legacy Project

There is an increasing urgency and awareness of the double threat that our world currently faces: climate change and the loss of biodiversity. These two issues are intrinsically linked, and both are of enormous importance to wildlife, nature, people and the future of the planet.
Wild for Nature: EOCA's Landscape Legacy Project
Wild for Nature: EOCA's Landscape Legacy Project

After the success of the Plastic Free: Mountain to Sea focus, EOCA is delighted to have launched its next 2 year focus:

Wild for Nature: EOCA's Landcsape Legacy Project
Saving biodiversity on land and in oceans, and supporting communities in a warming world
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Imagine standing at a viewpoint, looking out at the environment around you. You can see the highest mountains, the valleys between them, the streams that become a meandering river leading to a lake, to an estuary and then out to the ocean. Within this landscape are a wide variety of different ecosystems, vital for biodiversity, mitigating against climate change, and for communities. These include alpine meadows, forests, peatlands, freshwater habitats, salt marshes, mangroves and seagrass meadows, to name but a few.

As outdoor enthuiasts, we 'go wild' (get excited) for nature .... and also want to protect wild habitats for nature, leaving a legacy of a stonger, healthier, properly functioning environment for the generations to come.

EOCA will be funding projects which benefit biodiversity in a wild landscape. Our definition of ‘landscape’ includes marine environments, and a broad range of wild, non-urban spaces. Projects must conserve, protect, enhance, restore, and/or reconnect habitats within a given landscape that are particularly important for the biodiversity there.

This focus on biodiversity will also address the importance that EOCA places on the issue of climate change. Projects will ensure that the habitats being conserved are those that sequester carbon, reduce emissions, enable adaptations to climate change, and/or protect against further habitat and biodiversity loss.

It is also very important that the projects EOCA funds are beneficial to the local communities that live in, or near, these habitats. Projects will encourage local stewardship of habitats, alleviate poverty, support local ecosystem services, whilst at the same time, having a link to outdoor enthusiasts who value these precious wild spaces.

Wild for Nature logo
Wild for Nature logo

As part of this focus, we are also raising funds for an additional project:  Volunteering for Healthy Landscapes, in the Czech Republic, working with volunteers on a series of week long camps to restore a range of vital landscapes from a climate and biodiversity point of view.

You can read more about the project HERE or on the 'Fundraiser Project' tab on the right hand side of this page. Donations given to EOCA via our website (see button below) will go into this project during 2021-2.

"It was a great experience to receive the funding with the support of the people through an exciting voting contest. With the funding we managed to ensure preservation of another 10,000 hectares of wilderness in Küre Mountains National Park in Turkey providing safe haven for endangered species such as wolves and bears. We contributed to saving the last remaining priceless untouched natural areas in Europe so that future generations can also enjoy them."
Zoltán Kun, Executive Director, PAN Parks Foundation