The Power of Blue – Nadine Horn as EOCA's first female ambassador

Think of a challenge that you have pondered undertaking but decided it was too difficult. Then multiply it by at least 100 and you might come slightly closer to the adventure Nadine Horn, the first female ambassador for the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA), is planning.

Following a quick trip cycling 150km per day for 2 months around the circumference of Spain last year, Nadine plans in September to undertake her first ‘half ironman’ competition. In order to train for such an epic event, which most of us would balk at, she has set herself the challenge of a ‘Three Border Triathlon’ – which involves cycling across Switzerland (~460km), swimming the Danube through Germany (approx 550km) and running to the finish across Austria (approx 315km). And not only this, but Nadine also aims to generate awareness of clean, healthy, inland waterways through raising money for ‘Health Boost for the Blue Danube’ – to fund vital restoration projects along its banks.