Professor Charles Sheppard

Team Role: Professor Emeritus at the School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick, UK

What is your area of expertise in the field of conservation? Tropical marine ecosystems, especially coral reefs.

What are the key issues you are engaged with at the moment? Work on conserving the Chagos archipelago – the world’s largest marine protected area, and Arabian regions.

What could people in the outdoors do to protect and minimize their impact on the type of habitats you focus on? Campaign to stop polluting them, overfishing them, and building on them!

How and why did you become involved with EOCA?  Requested to join by colleagues I have already worked with.

Favourite wild place: The Chagos archipelago and its atolls in the central Indian Ocean.

Favourite outdoor activity: Scuba diving (if a warm sea) or sailing (if it isn’t).

Perfect day: Doing a couple of good research dives and getting data which I know to be new and valuable! If it involves retrieving monitoring instruments that I left there a couple of years previously, then finding them again is terrific!