Catherine Savidge

Team Role: General Manager - Job Share
Number of years in the outdoor industry: I was new to the outdoor industry when I started at EOCA, having come from a conservation background.  I trained in Environmental Biology and then Forestry.  I then worked for WWF UK and also businesses in the timber and paper industry on the responsible sourcing of timber and paper products from well managed forests.  I hope that this background and my love of outdoor activities will stand me in good stead in the outdoor industry!  I joined EOCA in January 2011.  

What else do you promote to support conservation: I grow some of my own fruit and veg, keep chickens for eggs and was in fact self sufficient in meat for 12 months. I only use renewable energy at home

Favourite wild place: Any of the Lake District tarns, high up in the hills! Great places to enjoy dramatic scenery, swim and wild camp!
Favourite outdoor activity: Hill walking, camping, cycling and canoeing are all firm favourites! Cycle touring a long distance route with friends over a few days, cycling holidays in the hebrides with extended family, or cycling routes in Europe with my family all make me very happy!!  I also love to take part in cycle orienteering events on the lanes around South Cumbria (lanequest) in the summer months!

Perfect day: This would have to be spending the day at a Lake District lake, canoeing, swimming and barbecuing with family and friends, surrounded by Lake District hills.
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"It was a great experience to receive the funding with the support of the people through an exciting voting contest. With the funding we managed to ensure preservation of another 10,000 hectares of wilderness in Küre Mountains National Park in Turkey providing safe haven for endangered species such as wolves and bears. We contributed to saving the last remaining priceless untouched natural areas in Europe so that future generations can also enjoy them."
Zoltán Kun, Executive Director, PAN Parks Foundation