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'Summit Membership' was created by EOCA in 2013, to recognise the huge commitment and contribution made by those members that wanted to support their own, entire conservation project(s) through EOCA.
Celebrating Summit Members at OutDoor
Celebrating Summit Members at OutDoor
A member company can choose to entirely fund any of the projects on EOCA's shortlist, produced once all the annual applications have been received.  Alternatively, a company can bring a project to EOCA from an organisation that it is already supporting or fits with the ethos of that company - which it would like to fund.  Finally, a company can approach EOCA to ask it to find a project for them to fund which meets several criteria of their own, for example that it is local or that it supports a particular type of habitat that the company has links to.

EOCA will carry out all the necessary checks to ensure each project meets its own relevant criteria and will then manage payments and the overseeing of the project itself, to ensure that the project meets all the aims and objectives it set for itself on application.  In this way, the member gets a tailor-made, environmental giving programme, without the need for in-house expertise or resources to manage it.
Batumi raptor migration
Batumi raptor migration
Below is a list of current and past Summit Members.  Those listed prior to 2013 were not named as Summit members at the time, but would have been, had the award been available!

We would like to thank all of our Summit Members for their dedication to, and generous contributions towards conserving threatened habitats and species.


Our Summit Members

POMOCA SA The North Face Italy Srl KEEN ORTOVOX Sportartikel GmbH SMARTWOOL - VF International SAGL Original Buff Osprey Europe Ltd Outpac Designs Ltd (Pacsafe) Nikwax Ltd

Awarded: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
In 2016, POMOCA asked EOCA to find a conservation project which conserved seals.  POMOCA is keen that its support for this project be a long term one, and is committed to working with it indefinitely.

The Saimaa ringed seal is a sub species of the ringed seal and was isolated from the Baltic Sea in Lake Saimaa, Finland around 8,000 years ago.  The population was reduced drastically at the end of the 19th century due to bounth hunting and again during the 1960s due to the use of fishung nets made from nylon.  The endangered population is around 360 (2016 figures), and threatened by traps used by recreational fishermen, increased tourism and climate change. This project will continue the work of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation with recreational fishermen, toursim providers and local communities to ensure the survival and protection of the Saimaa ringed seal into the future.

POMOCA decided to again support this project in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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The North Face Italy Srl

Awarded: 2020, 2013, 2019
In 2019, The North Face (TNF) expanded its Explore Fund to Europe, selecting projects designed to protect and restore wild spaces for funding during 2019 and 2020. EOCA was delighted to be chosen as the company’s European partner to identify, assess and manage its grant funding. TNF in-house staff selected the following three projects for funding:
Restoring Hardknott Forest, UK :
This project is restoring native woodland in some of England’s most dramatic mountain landscapes. It is delivering this over a large area by engaging volunteers from local communities, schools and beyond, to remove non-native conifers and enable around 250,000 native trees to regenerate.
Less Plastic, More Life: Fighting Single-Use Plastic to Protect Loggerhead Turtles, Italy:
Italy is the largest consumer of plastic water bottles in Europe and every year, many thousands of sea turtles die due to plastic and waste ingestion in the Mediterranean sea. Istituto Oikos is working to protect sea turtles from plastic pollution by carrying out beach cleans, and a comprehensive programme to educate and raise awareness of the importance of reducing plastic waste and littering with local citizens, schools and fishermen.
Alpine Biodiversity Voluntary Camps in Berchtesgaden, Germany :
Nationale Naturlandschaften is restoring important alpine habitats in the foothills of the Alps, through volunteer camps. These camps will be organized with local partners and open to German speaking volunteers. It will involve the volunteers carrying out a range of conservation actions, and taking part in educational activities such as guided wildlife tours.

2013 EPIC – Exploring (& Education About) Peaks, Inspiring Conservation

Funding from The North Face Explore Fund via EOCA will enable Respect the Mountains to develop and implement an EPIC day for 50 young people in Le Grand Massif area of France. During the day, the young people will be educated in respecting mountains, engaged in hands-on conservation work, inspired by Ambassadors and athletes from both organisations, and will have the opportunity to try a winter mountain activity

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Awarded: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017
Always an active and supportive member, KEEN decided in 2017 to fund a project off the EOCA shortlist which had not managed to attract funding.  The project will restore mangrove and livelihoods in the Banda Aceh area of Indonesia which is struggling with the after effects of the 2004 tsunami.  All of the mangrove was lost, resulting in lack of important shade, loss of important habitat for small fish and therefore food and income for the local villagers. Through the project, 45,000 mangroves will be planted by 468 families. 400 fruit trees will also be planted as a source of income.

In 2018, KEEN decided to continue funding this project, to plant many more mangrove trees, and to work with the younger generation to engage them in this work

During 2019, KEEN fundraised to be able in 2020, to support a project which will remove at least 2500 kilo of plastic from the Wadden, some from containers and cargo lost in the MSC Zoe disaster, as well as fishing lines and ghost nets.

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ORTOVOX Sportartikel GmbH

Awarded: 2020
Ortovox are funding a Trails App as part of “Saving Tasmania’s Tarkine Wilderness”. This project has an overall goal of safeguarding over 495,000 hectares of wilderness through ecotourism.
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SMARTWOOL - VF International SAGL

Awarded: 2019, 2018
During October 2018, Smartwool held an innovative fundraising event - Socktober.  For every pair of Smartwool socks bought from 4 UK retailers during the month, £1 was donated via EOCA to fund the restoration and repair of footpaths on England's highest mountain - Scafell Pike.  The repair work will be carried out in the summer of 2019 by staff and volunteers of Fix the Fells and will include stone-pitching new sections of path, rebuilding drains and water bars, and reinforcing trail edges, all aimed at reducing erosion and protecting surrounding habitats. 

This year the money raised will go twards supporting the Fell Care Days in the same region, using volunteers to undertake a number of conservation activities throughout the park.
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Original Buff

Awarded: 2018, 2011,2012,2013,2017
Over the past few years, Original Buff, S.A. has been a very keen supporter of conservation projects through EOCA.  To date, the company has entirely funded 8 projects:

2018- ECO Relief Lesvos
This funding will be used by Lighthouse Relief to add to its humanitarian work with the refugees on the island, by cleaning up the environment. It will run 100 beach cleans to clear around 37km of shoreline on the north shore of Lesvos; mark, clear and repair about 100km of hiking and biking trails to access remote beaches for the clean up which will also benefit the outdoor enthusiasts that come to the island; and then take the collected waste to projects on the island to use it to raise awareness of and funds for the refugees

2017 - Heart of Scotland Forestry Project
With this funding, the John Muir Trust plans to restore native broadleaves and scots pine across the lower sections of Schiehallion, one of Scotlands most iconic hills.  They will also restore willow scrub on the glen floor and link the forest with woodland on neighbouring properties in a new partnership in the geographical 'Heart of Scotland'.

2013:  Mountain Forests Catalonia (nominated by Petzl Foundation)
This forest management project enabled the outdoor user to get involved in conservation during 9 individual weeks of voluntary work, involving forest path restoration, forest thinning, habitat restoration, and bio-engineering work to mitigate erosion. This work, amongst other things, enhanced the habitat for the Capercaille and improved access to outdoor users by restoring and maintaining forest tracks.

2012 Mountain Forests Catalonia (nominated by Patagonia)
Mountain forests of the Pyrenees are one of the largest protected areas in Europe, including threatened species, habitats and endemic plants. This are is very important for hikers, skiers and climbers.  The project ran 8 volunteering weeks involving path and habitat restoration, forest thinning, wildlife surveys and bio-engineering against erosion.

2012 Into the Meadows, UK (nominated by Snugpak)
This project restored 88 hectares of degraded meadows in the Yorkshire Dales, one of the last UK strongholds for traditionally managed, upland hay meadows, seen as one of the scarcest and most threatened habitats in the EU.

2011 Sustainable Tourism in Iceland (nominated by Deuter)
Hot springs, glaciers, vast volcanic landscapes, and a variety of natural phenomena and rarities in Iceland are major attractions for hikers. This project promotes sustainable tourism by setting up code of conduct for tourists visiting geothermal areas, and working with tourist bodies to provide educational material to domestic and foreign visitors.

2011 Conservation and Restoration in Snowdonia, Wales (nominated by Mountain Equipment)
Working to ensure that the Snowdonia National Park remains in great condition as a home for native flora and fauna, and as a top outdoor visitor destination, this project provided opportunities for people to participate in practical conservation work, controling and eradicating non native invasive plant species, and maintaining and repairing the most heavily used footpaths

2011 Wild Ennerdale – Woodland and Red Squirrel Conservation, UK (nominated by Berghaus)
The ancient oak and birch woodlands of the Ennerdale valley in the Lake District, Cumbria, are rich in species including ferns, mosses and the threatened native red squirrel. This project protected and expanded these woodlands, protected the native red squirrels from the invasive grey squirrels, and provided opportunities for people to share these special woodlands.

Further details on all of these projects can be found in the funded projects pages here
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Osprey Europe Ltd

Awarded: 2017, 2014
Osprey Europe, leaders in innovative backpacks, committed €28,800 in 2014 to support Bird Conservation Georgia’s project to address the threat of hunting to over one million raptors which migrate through the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus in Georgia each migration season. This innovative project aims to make it easier to access and enjoy the spectacle of the birds’ migration, and support and educate local people in how to promote bird watching and eco-tourism as an alternative to hunting.

In 2017, they committed a similar amount, this time to support the Cleaning Up of the Alps, funding Mountain Wilderness France to carry out three separate dismantling and removal operations where barbed wire and other scrap left over from WW2 are still endangering animals and hikers.
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Outpac Designs Ltd (Pacsafe)

Awarded: 2016, 2014
Pacsafe, whose logo incorporates a turtle, has committed $20,000 to a project that will address the threats to the Leatherback, Green and Hawksbill turtles on the remote Pacuare beach in Costa Rica.  The funding from Pacsafe will enable the project to address habitat loss, pollution, unsustainable fishing practices and exploitation for food, using measures including habitat restoration, beach patrols, an egg hatchery and education.

Following this successful project in 2015 and the launch of Pacsafe's Turtle Fund, the company chose to fund another turtle protection project in 2016, in French Polynesia. The project will stengthen the effectiveness of an ongoing turtle research, education and nest site monitoring, as well as protection from poachers and the sustainaibility of its clinic, which nurses sick and injured animals back to health and releases them back into the wild.

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Nikwax Ltd

Awarded: 2012
2012 Landscape Dynamics in Sagamartha National Park (chosen and funded entirely by Nikwax)
This study examined ongoing landscape transformation to assess the impact of change on things such as water provision. It provided insights into what drives land use change and what this means for the sustainability of the region, generating adaptation strategies specific to the National Park.

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The grant from the EOCA kick started WLT’s support of a new and vital Elephant Corridor project from Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, northern India, where local communities, currently encountering conflict with Elephants and Tigers are very keen to be relocated. As well as providing vital funding for this project the EOCA grant leveraged match-funding from another WLT donor which is testament to the importance of the EOCA’s support.
John A Burton, CEO, World Land Trust