Stone Snowboards, EOCA’s newest member

Across Europe and around the world, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) aims to protect nature in all its forms: meadows, mountains, lakes, rivers, coastlines and wildlife. In order to protect and restore them, EOCA funds nature conservation projects.

To do this effectively, it needs the support of its members. These are companies operating in the outdoor industry, committed to protecting the natural world they value so much. This article highlights the story of EOCA’s newest member, Stone Snowboards, and its commitment to supporting the environmental cause.

Stone Snowboards, a member committed to the environment
In 2015, Olivier created the Stone Snowboards brand. An innovative snowboard and splitboard brand designed for board lovers. From design to creative moulds, they conceive everything from A to Z with a single guiding principle: the production of high-quality boards offering unique and pure riding sensations to fully enjoy the sensations offered by the mountains. A true lover of nature, the founders of Stone Snowboards are committed to protecting the environment on a daily basis.

Stone Snowboards’ commitment to limiting its impact on the environment
The mountains are their favourite playground, which is why they want to preserve them as much as possible. Like all EOCA member companies, they are committed to supporting actions that help protect nature. As a player in the outdoor industry, it’s essential for them to think of innovative ways of operating to ensure the survival of their business. From the manufacture of their boards, to the end of their life, they strive to limit their impact as much as possible.

European production
Their first action to protect nature is to design and produce their products in the shortest possible circuit. Thus, their entire production circuit is located in Europe. Before any production can begin, the boards must be conceived and designed. This research and development stage takes place in France, in their Perpignan offices.

Next comes the production of snowboards and splitboards. For this crucial stage, they have chosen to place their trust in a Polish company.

For the manufacture of complementary accessories such as sealskins, they work with a company in Austria, renowned for the quality of its products. Thanks to this short production circuit, they considerably limit their carbon impact.

Sustainable snowboards and splitboards
Stone Snowboards is committed to offering sustainable snowboards and splitboards, both for riders and the environment. From the outset, Stone Snowboards products are designed to last as long as possible. With boards lasting longer, riders change boards less often.

Snowboards and splitboards are designed using natural materials such as wood. When designing their boards, they therefore chose to work only with wood from sustainable forests.

Stone Snowboards wants to give a second life to its products, which is why it offers three deals to make the most of their damaged products. Snowboards and splitboards that have been exhibited at events are offered at reduced prices. The same goes for boards that have aesthetic defects when they come off the production line.

It also sells off boards from previous years’ collections to give everyone the chance to acquire a snowboard or splitboard at low cost. In this way, it offers access to snowboarding to a greater number of people, while limiting the production of waste.

In keeping with its eco-responsible approach, Stone Snowboards has partnered with a French company: Nok Boards, which upcycles Stone Snowboards’ broken or unusable snowboards into skateboards and personalised objects. This approach limits the CO2 emissions produced by the destruction of snowboards and the manufacture of skateboards.

Through its various commitments, Stone Snowboards supports nature. But to take this approach to its logical conclusion, Olivier decided to become a member of EOCA. Along with other companies operating in the outdoor industry, Stone wants to contribute to the conservation of all ecosystems and protect the planet from the impact of mankind.

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