Zero Wild Waste Mountain in 2030, France

Mountain Riders is a non-profit organisation promoting ecological transition in the mountains since 2001. It works with citizens, pupils, companies, or ski resorts all around France to sensitize them about sustainability in the mountains and help them to improve their practices through pedagogical tools and concrete actions.

In March 2023, all French mountain authorities signed an agreement for a “Zero Wild Waste Mountain in 2030”. This project aims to support this ambitious goal by creating new innovative educational games and tools to help in clean-up activities. During clean-up operations the project will also manage an ‘adopt 1 spot’ approach in 30 locations; litter will be analysed in the the same spot, annually, for 3 years, in order to determine any changes in the type or amount of litter. This approach will help focus future action to prevent littering and achieve the overall goal of a “Zero Wild Waste Mountain in 2030”.